Dental Implants

Performed by Trails End Dental


Dental implants are tooth replacements! If you have an unrepairable or unsavable tooth, we will likely be discussing dental implants with you. As a first line treatment for tooth loss, we no longer recommend substituting for teeth, we recommend replacing them to maintain the health of your mouth. Dental implant treatment is one of the most successful treatments in medicine or dentistry today!

implant step one
Step 1: Your surgeon removes the tooth and places a Dental Implant.
implant step one
Step 2: The implant heals for 3 months.
implant step one
Step 3: Your dentist fabricates a custom implant abutment and restoration.

Why Consider

We love to save teeth... but if one or more must be removed, replacing them is the best way! Dental implants restore the natural look and feel of your teeth and preserve the underlying bone and gum tissue. All other treatments can contribute to further tooth loss and will not preserve the jaw bone. There is no comparison to dental implant treatment!

What to Expect

After a treament plan is created, we'll appoint you with a qualified surgeon to discuss the placement of your dental implant(s). When healing is completed, we'll place your new teeth on the implants. It's really one of the simplest treatments we provide and as a dentist and surgeon team, we want to make sure you have an excellent experience!

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